Wind Beneath My Wings

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Two Lil' Birdies

Two Lil' Birdies

Another day, a new beginning,
Melodiously, little birdies are chirping,
Love and comfort, they are awaiting,
Papa and food, they are anticipating.
Papa returns without bearing any food,
Disappointed, they try to be good.
Lovely melody imbued with love so strong,
They serenade Papa all day long.
Night falls, Papa is nowhere in sight,
Forlorn lil’ birdies are, under the moonlight,
Descends, a mood of melancholy,
Missing him, they launch into a melody.
Soon after, Mister Moon goes into hiding,
And Papa bounces back a-chirping,
“One wormie for you, and another for you”
Joyfully, they bid sadness ‘adieu’. 
This poem is dedicated to all fathers and fathers-to-be out there, especially my father whom I call ‘Papa’.
                        Happy Fathers Day!



Happy Mother’s Day

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We, including Bob & Billy love you, Ma.

We, including Bob & Billy love you, Ma.

Dear Mama,
I want to be…
the bright star that shines,
blinding you of your despair
the pearl that gleams,
giving you the light of happiness
the sweet-smelling jasmine that blooms,
pervading your soul with the perfume of my love
the pillar that supports,
holding you up when you’re feeling down
the canary that sings,
calming all your fears and healing your broken heart
the light that beams,
guiding you through darkened paths.
the friend that holds your hands,
giving you courage to fight unbeatable foe and unbearable sorrow.
Because Mama
You’ve always been all those to me.
Happy Mother’s Day!
Note : My sister, Ching baked the Walnut Butter Cake. The frosting was also done by her, a first timer.

Tribute to Mama

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For you, Mama

For you, Mama

From the break of dawn all through the day
Home is where Mama’s heart and soul stay
Every morning, prayers she will say
To provide for me, she never fails every day.
The kitchen is where Mama reigns
even when she’s tired, indifference she feigns
one dish after another she’ll whip
and a cup of coffee later she’ll sip. 
Highly educated Mama is not
But so much knowledge she’s got
And that truly surprises me a lot
For what she knows cannot be bought.
When I plunge into despair
and my heart is torn beyond repair
Mama’s love nurtures my soul
and once again, my heart becomes whole.
Once I was ill and lay in bed
Silly thoughts invaded my head
Mama told me with me she’d stay
to keep all my fears at bay.
Mama, you’re the one I hold dear
With you around, I truly have no fear
No matter where I am, far or near
Your love is felt, year after year.
So Mama this is what I want to say
in my heart you’ll forever stay
I love you more than words can say
may God shower abundant blessings upon you, I’ll pray.

Note : ‘Borneo Orchid’ is courtesy of Higgins. Whenever I look at the picture, I see a smiling tiger. Her arms are wide open, and happiness seems to be written all over her face as she welcomes her cubs home. The picture reminds me of my Mama. My Mama is the toughest soul I’ve ever known, and she has the warmest of smiles. Right now, I yearn to be in her embrace. It never fails to make me feel like a child once more. 


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Biscotti for Mama

Biscotti for Mama

                Look at what God has bestowed upon me;
                I‘m eternally grafeful for I’m child of a
                Mother who will always be there for me.
                Pride and joy are how I feel for you dear
                Old Mama who has carved in my
                Heart a throne that’ll be yours for years.
                Compassion, warmth and love you always show
                How I wish to let you know
                Of my love for you now and forever
                Oh Mama, the love will never fade, never ever.             

Pitter, patter, pitter, patter

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The rain is pouring out there, rather heavily
And the sky is gloomy.
how I have been feeling lately.
Only that I’m like a chameleon… really;
I change to suit the circumstances, purely
because I’m me, ya, I am… truly.


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Don't you mess with me!

Don't you mess with me!

Meow… faint and weak.
My head turned to the left,
I saw nothing.

Meowww… louder and stronger.
My head turned to the right,
I saw nothing.

Meow meow meow…
The high-pitched sound
kept resounding in my brain
and I asked myself if I was still sane
as a hundred questions catapulted in my brain.

Then I saw It.
As the silhouette planted itself before me,
Closer I edged and I stared.
With flowing tail and flying mane
and eyes black as ebony,
buried in a shrivelled face the colour of brownie,
It stared right back at me.

In the wink of an eye, the broom I grabbed
and the door yawned open as I pulled,
out of the room It was shooed,
turned and ran, ran and turned,
mewed and mewed and mewed and mewed,
along the corridor before It leapt
into the darkness and mewed no more.

An eerie vacuum of silence followed
then It erupted
as lightning flashed in the distance
and across the moon, a dark army of clouds floated.


*woof woof woof*

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Woof, woof, woof, my name is Billy,
Not Milly or Willy which sounds rather silly,
You won’t find any fleas on my body
for I bathe very regularly.

Thunder and lightning, to me, are particularly scary,
The sight and sound make me go all wobbly,
But I’d like you to know it’s nothing to do with timidity,
Though I can’t explain why they have such an impact on me, dear old Billy.

Many toys I have, you’ll be green with envy,
From the Pooh called Winnie to Ribenaberry,
Strewn all over the floor, higgledy-piggledy,
But my favourite is still little M&M who’s forever cheery.

My mistress always calls me ‘Billyyyyyy, Billyyy’
before she starts talking to me, endlessly,
But don’t you worry, she’s not crazy,
though she often makes me dizzy
with her tales which are aplenty
told in languages and dialects which are… oh, so many.

So much has been said about me, a doggie called Billy,
Whoever coined the idiom ‘It’s a dog’s life’, really…
H/She’ll have to ponder again, definitely,
as I’ve proved him or her wrong, unquestionably,
Contented, well loved and happy,
This is the life of yours truly…
a doggie endowed with sense and sensibility.

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